Do You Sell Shutter Doors?

Generally people seeking shutter doors are looking for window shutters.

Do You Sell Exterior Shutters?

Yes, but through a different website. See ShutterLand Exterior Shutters for composite and solid wood exterior shutters..

Do You Sell Fixed Louver Or Raised Panel Interior Shutters?

Yes. Please call 1-888-399-4947 for information.

Do You Sell Fabric Insert Window Shutters?

No we do not sell fabric insert shutter doors.

Do You Sell Special Shape (Arch Top, Rake Top, Etc.) Window Shutters?

We only manufacture rectangular shutter units.

Can You Make A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Or 8 Panel Unit? How Will They Fold?

Yes. We can make most panel configurations based on the width of your window opening. You can see more specifics by viewing available configurations of traditional shutters and plantation shutters.

Can A Divider Rail Only Be Located In The Center Of A Panel?

A divider rail can be located at any height within an interior shutter panel.

What Is The Difference Between Traditional And Plantation Shutters?

The major difference is the size of the louvers, panel thickness and width of the stiles. The best way to see the differences is to view the pages on our web site dedicated to the traditional shutters and plantation shutters..

Do You Sell Other Window Coverings?

No, just high quality interior window shutters.

Can I Match Existing Shutters In My Home?

This is usually a difficult task unless the original interior shutters came from Horizon Shutters. Sometimes they can be made to look similar. If you are trying to replace one broken panel in a unit, it is virtually impossible to match.

Do You Sell Shutter Blinds?

Generally people seeking shutter blinds are looking for window shutters.

How Difficult Are Shutters To Install?

Installation is relatively easy. We ship indoor shutters completely assembled with all of the necessary hardware. It takes on average about 30 – 45 minutes per window for installation. Read more on the installation page.

Can Window Shutters Be Mounted On A Sliding Glass Door Opening?

Yes. We treat a sliding glass door opening as a large window. The shutter doors attach to either side and open in either direction.

Can Interior Shutters Be Mounted Only On The Lower Portion Of A Window?

Yes, this is called an interior cafe shutter unit.

Can Shutters Be Installed In A Window With An Opening Crank?

Yes, you can install inside shutters in a window with a crank. Many times the crank handle can be removed to provide space for the shutters. The handle can then be replaced when you want to open the window. If the crank unit projects beyond the front plane of the window, you may need to use an outside mount.

Do You Ship To Alaska Or Hawaii?

Yes, but we will charge you the actual shipping instead of the standard shipping rate.

Do You Ship Overseas?

We typically do not ship overseas, and limit destinations to locations in the United States. However, if you would like to arrange for an exporter, we would be happy to ship to that location within the United States.

Can You Rush My Order?

We do not rush orders, cut corners, or compromise quality to reduce production time. All window shutter orders receive the same priority.

Do You Make Shutters Out Of Alternate Woods?

We can make shutters out of most any wood. Please call 1-888-399-4947 for information.

Will Shutters Block Out All Light?

Shutters are not designed to be a “black-out” window covering. Shutters control a large percent of light, but there will be a little light that penetrates between the louvers and stile, between louvers, and between the shutters and window opening.

Do You Run Specials, Sales, Or Have Coupons?

We do not. We have lowered prices as much as possible for Internet sales. We sell to contractors, interior decorators, and homeowners all at the same price.

Are Interior Shutters Considered A Capital Improvement?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, interior wood shutters are the only window treatment that can be considered a capital improvement.

What Is The Square Foot Price Of Your Window Shutters?

We do not price by the square foot – which generally inflates prices. Our price is determined based on the square inches, shutter style, finish, and number of panels. You may price a shutter units on our interior shutters prices page.